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The Journey of Samantha With Medovie

August 9, 2020

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“I can’t tell you how happy I am. It’s the longest lasting cream I’ve ever used. It’s my magic cream.”

Imagine you’re 7 years old and you have a rash on your face that’s spreading quickly towards your eyes. Your mother packs you into the car. You’re going to see the dermatologist. 

The dermatologist happens to have a team of dermatologists-in-training in his office that day. Which means today you’ve become a case study. 

Your rash, in the meanwhile, is getting worse. Your vision is blurry and the skin on your face is so tight it’s starting to crack and bleed. 

And now you’re surrounded by doctors.

You faint.

Living with intensely problematic skin

This was Samantha’s reality growing up and heading into her 20s. Regular visits to doctors. Prescriptions that never did anything to make her skin better. 

When it got bad, which was often, Samantha’s skin was relentlessly aggressive. So sore just washing her face hurt. The only thing she felt like doing then? 

Peeling her irritated skin right off her face.

Searching for answers in the wrong places: Steroid creams and OTC skincare products

Samantha became what we call a searcher. She looked everywhere for a solution to her problem, and tried just about everything she found. Steroid creams. Prescription water-based solutions. Over-the-counter products for sensitive and dry skin. 

Everyone once in a while something would work for a few days, and Samantha would feel better. Then it would stop working and she’d become depressed. Naturally outgoing and self-confident, Samantha didn’t want to show her face in public anymore.

Living life uncovered with 3HX™

After trying so many solutions that never worked, Samantha was sceptical when she read about an all-natural formula that claimed to target her problem at the cellular level and clear up her visible trouble spots—in just weeks.

A month after she started using Medovie’s 3HX™ formula, Samantha had a new story to tell.

For the first time she could remember her face was absolutely clear. So clear she didn’t even need the make-up she used to wear to mask her problem. The change in Samantha’s life was so dramatic, and so unbelievable, she says it still sort of feels like a dream. 

For a reality check, Samantha just looks in the mirror. No more redness or soreness. No more cracked and weeping skin. Just a naturally wide, confident smile. The kind you wear when you’re feeling good about your skin and that makes you feel good about yourself.

Samantha's journey before and after photos

Ready to start your journey?

Samantha’s story is just one of hundreds around the world from real people who have seen similar, life-changing results using 3HX™ on their faces, bodies and scalps: drastically clearer skin and much higher self-esteem in weeks.

Start your journey to healthier skin.




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