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The Journey of Maya With Medovie

August 10, 2020

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“My scalp was so bad my dermatologist told me I had to do chemotherapy. That’s when I knew I needed a totally different approach.”

The only thing we know for sure about problematic skin is that it’s capricious. It always has the potential to catch us off-guard, and it can go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. Still, nothing she’d experienced in her life up until then prepared Maya for June 2019. 

But first, some backstory.

On a scale of one to ten, Maya’s problematic skin had always hovered at around a three or four. She’d had an itchy, flaking scalp for as long as she could remember, yes. But bad flare-ups were rare. So Maya never had low self-esteem or felt the need to cover up.

But June 2019 was different.

A one-of-a-kind flare-up

It may have been the weather or the work stress, but that spring Maya’s scalp got bad. It was itching and flaking a lot more than it ever had. And none of her normal fallbacks made it any better.  

Then Maya’s hair started falling out. Lots of it. 

Maya began to worry. She booked consultations with a handful of dermatologists that month. Most of them were quick to prescribe steroids. 

Maya wasn’t buying it, and their prescriptions ended up on the bottom of her purse.

Maya can’t remember how many doctors she ended up seeing over the course of that gruelling June and July, but she does remember the last one. Vividly. That’s because he had a completely different take on what Maya needed to do to make her scalp better: chemotherapy.

That was the tipping point. Maya knew her problem had gone from serious to life-altering, and that she needed a different kind of approach if she wanted to get better. She just didn’t know where to look. 

When the journey feels more like a dead end

Serious skin conditions almost always make you feel helpless at some point in your journey. At those times it doesn’t even feel like a journey. It feels more like a dead end.

But it’s in those very dark moments when our gut, survival instincts usually kick in and finally give us the escape velocity we need to make the life-changing decisions that end up saving us.

For Maya, that decision was saying no to chemotherapy and yes to natural skincare grounded in science.

A return to (better than) normal

For Maya, the transformation on Medovie’s 3HX™ formula took about two months. 

She used the scalp lotion every morning and the shampoo whenever she washed her hair. 

By September, her scalp had calmed back down and she didn’t even need the lotion anymore.

Soon after that, the first follicles of new hair appeared, and began to grow.

Today, Maya says she’s at 95% of her pre-flare-up scalp health. She has a full head of soft, healthy hair and a clear scalp. She itches every once a while, yes, but it’s nothing compared to what it was, and it will only be getting better.

Maya’s journey is back on track.

Ready to start your journey?

Maya’s story is just one of hundreds around the world about real people who have seen similar, life-changing results using 3HX on the faces, bodies and scalps: drastically clearer skin and huge psychological boosts. 

Start your journey to healthier skin. 


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