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Skincare Brand Medovie Receives National Psoriasis Foundation Seal Of Recognition

September 28, 2021

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Skincare brand Medovie, developed for those with acute skin issues such as psoriasis on their body and scalp, has received a Seal of Recognition accreditation from the globally recognised National Psoriasis Foundation. The company’s 3HX™ Derma Cream, 3HX™ Scalp Lotion, and 3HX™ Scalp Care Shampoo products have received full accreditation, after a National Psoriasis Foundation Seal Review Panel evaluation.

The National Psoriasis Foundation Seal of Recognition highlights and acknowledges products that have been created to be non-irritating and safe for those living with psoriatic disease. The Seal of Recognition also recognises safe products as part of a daily skincare routine for sensitive skin to severely sensitive skin.

“The Seal of Recognition identifies products intended to be safe and effective for sensitive skin, which is helpful for the millions of people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. “It is great to see that brands such as Medovie are committed to finding skincare solutions for those with a chronic disease like psoriasis”

Medovie Submitted The 3HX™ Derma Cream, 3HX™ Scalp Lotion, and 3HX™ Scalp Care Shampoo for a National Psoriasis Foundation application, evaluation, and approval process, which involves submitting independently tested scientific data demonstrating the product does not irritate skin burdened with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, severe sensitive skin or joint mobility limitations. The products were then independently reviewed by a panel of dermatology and rheumatology experts and people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. After passing this review, the three Medovie products received the Seal of Recognition.

“For our products to receive the Seal of Recognition is very encouraging, as it supports our mission of providing safe, effective, and long-term solutions for those with psoriasis,” said Nadav Shraibom, Scientific Founder of Medovie. “This recognition from such a prestigious institution is a great honour, and is a testament to over 10 years of clinical work that has gone into the development of the innovative 3HX™ formula found in the entire Medovie product range.”

Skincare Brand Medovie Receives National Psoriasis Foundation Seal Of Recognition

Combining the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, married with advanced scientific research and technology to develop a safe, natural and effective product range, MEDOVIE’s offering includes a 3HX™ Derma Cream, a 3HX™ Scalp Lotion, 3HX™ Scalp Care Shampoo and 3HX™ Capsules to be ingested. The products together work from within and externally to restore the skin’s natural balance, soothe the skin and is also applicable while living with difficult skin issues.

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