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Complete 3HX™ Maintenance Plan For Body
Add to Cart - $112.00

Complete 3HX™ Maintenance Plan For Body

1 x Scalp Care Shampoo, 1 x Capsules

Chronic skin conditions are periodic, and an ongoing circle of up's and down's. If you started to use our products and you already feel better or you are currently in a period of good skin condition.  You will receive One 3HX Capsules to help your body maintain your skin balance from the inside and One 3HX Shampoo to use as a body wash and help yourself maintain good skin health.  This plan will arrive at your door on a monthly basis and give you everything you need to avoid your next down time.

Who is it for? Anyone that suffers from restless skin but they are currently experiencing a good skin period and wants to maintain it for the long term 

When should you use it? Always :) For achieving a better skin care routine.

  • 1st Purchase - $112.00
  • 2nd Purchase - $89.60
  • 3rd Purchase - $84.00
  • 4th Purchase and onwards - $78.40
Add to Cart - $112.00

Clinically Proven

Based on Active 3HX™ Formula

No Steroids or Artificial Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Certified Herb Suppliers

Great for Body Wash

Skin care that’s good for you,
inside and out

It took us more than 10 years to come to this point. Hundreds of researches, patents applications, clinical studies, perfecting the production process over and over and over again until we succeeded. Now all of this knowledge is packed in each of our products and made for internal and external long lasting skin and scalp health.

Ohh and One more thing we were tired of restless skin products which felt and smelled yucky, so we worked and worked on a natural solution for our products to feel and smell amazing too.

Now all of this knowledge is packed into each one of our products and made for internal and external long lasting skin and scalp health.

The Ingredients

We have nothing to hide, Our products are based on nature’s most powerful remedies, clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective.

Lonicera Japonica

Promotes healthy skin with hyperoside. Moisturises irritated skin and contains high antioxidant properties.

Where we source it:
Sichuan Province, Longshan County

Rheum Tanguticum

Maintains healthy skin barrier by supporting skin barrier lipid production and protects skin from future moisture loss. Helps with natural skin peeling.

Where we source it:
Sichuan Province, Aba County

Rehmannia Glutinosa

Moisturises, exfoliates, cools and regenerates irritated skin with vitamins A, B and C. Has Anti-oxidant properties.

Where we source it:
HeNan Province, Weizhou County


Why do I need to keep using it if I'm feeling good?

For ideal, ultimate results, a skin care routine must be used regularly. Chronic skin conditions are periodic, an ongoing circle of up's and down's and our products prove themselves best when used for the long term. A good ongoing routine can make all the difference to help manage your skin condition and avoid your next flarup.

I have a different Medovie plan. Can I switch to this one when needed?

Yes you can easily switch your plan at any time directly from your account. Your account is created after your first purchase.

Can I use it with other products?

We prefer to not use it with other products as we do not want our 3HX Active ingredient to be affected in any way. We want to make sure that your scalp gets better and other products could interfere with the process!

Is the products of natural origin?

Yes, our products are 96% natural, and we try to use ingredients of natural origin with the highest percentage of active ingredients whenever possible. However, sometimes synthetic ingredients are safer, more effective and even more desirable, especially for creams and lotions that will be used over time. The very limited number of synthetic ingredients that do enter our products are all tested and approved by the appropriate health and regulatory authorities.

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