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The Connection Between Skin Disorders and Emotions On the 13th of April 2021 at 12:30 pm (UK time)

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Our promise

From field to lab to your doorstep, our journey is immense. We decided to make it totally transparent and as ethical as we possibly could. Just like our products. That’s our promise to you.


We select our suppliers and their products after getting to know them very well. Competition is fierce.

Quality check #1

Every root and flower we source is quality tested for any bad stuff that might have slipped in. We throw the bad ones out.


We ship the natural goodness that remains back to our lab in France.

Quality check #2

Before we extract the key ingredients to make our products, we run one more quality check just to be absolutely sure.

Our secret formula

We have a special way of extracting the liquid from our botanicals. (We even patented it.) This lets us give you the maximum percentage of active ingredients in all our shampoos, capsules and creams.

Functional testing (last test, we promise)

Functional testing is an important part of the scientific process. It guarantees that the healthy ingredients we’ve extracted from our herbs are truly up to snuff.

Ready to go!

After all that testing and all those miles, we have a formula that’s safe for bodies and wonderfully effective: 3HX™.

Creams, lotions and shampoos

Making our natural, scent-free creams, lotions and shampoos with 3HX™ turns them into super products that help people battle chronic skin problems the world over.


A lot of our precious extract takes an extra journey to the UK where it becomes 3HX™ capsules that help people with irritated skin.

From lab to warehouse

Our packaged products arrive at our monitored, temperature-controlled storage facilities to keep them as fresh and potent as possible.

Here we come!

It’s never sad to say goodbye because we know that each product we ship to your doorstep will be put to good use and help you enjoy a healthier, happier life.