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Medovie for Winter-Proofing Psoriasis

June 24, 2021

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While many enjoy the cold weather, it’s a challenge for those with skin conditions, especially those suffering from psoriasis. The drop in temperature can trigger the skin problem, causing unbearable itchiness and ugly bumps to appear on the skin’s surface.

What is psoriasis and what are its triggers to watch out for? Is there a natural-based product for psoriasis that you can rely on during this winter season?


What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that causes the skin cells to reproduce far quicker than the usual rate. This results in the formation of reddish bumps covered with scales that can be itchy and painful to the touch.

With psoriasis, the T-cells are triggered, attacking healthy cells by mistake and sending the latter into rapid cell reproduction. The overproduction of cells results in the accumulation of plaques on the skin’s surface that appears as red bumps.

Psoriasis is neither transmittable nor contagious. It’s not caused by poor hygiene, diet, or lifestyle. Its exact cause is still unknown, but the condition is caused by the immune system and genetic factors.

Sadly, there’s still no permanent cure for the condition. However, Medovie has solutions for psoriasis that can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the uncomfortable feeling associated with the skin problem.


Solutions for Psoriasis

In the UK, around 2-3% of the population suffers from psoriasis. This translates to more than a million people who deal every day with the inconvenience brought about by the chronic skin condition.

The cold season is here, and the temperature drop can dry out the skin. So, if you have psoriasis, expect to experience flare-ups.

It might be inconvenient to visit a dermatologist during the winter season to ask for help with your psoriasis. But it’s not the end of the world as there are products for psoriasis and other skin problems that you can safely try out.

Here are popular solutions to winter-proof your psoriasis and avoid suffering from it this winter season:


•  Choose the right cream to apply

It’s easy to get attracted to the exciting smell of beauty creams and ointments. However, these products may have components that can trigger your psoriasis. Perfumes and aromatics contain elements that can be harmful to sensitive skin, especially if you have a skin condition.

Creams with steroids are the commonly given remedy for psoriasis. However, these may have side effects on sensitive skin. In rare cases, steroids can be absorbed into the bloodstream and affect the functions of internal organs.

When selecting a product to apply, look for those that use only or mostly natural ingredients. Soap-free, paraben-free, and those that limit the use of chemicals are recommended to reduce the chance of having adverse effects.


•  Moisturise your skin

It’s easy to get dry skin during winter, and dryness can aggravate your psoriasis. Keeping the skin moisturised is one way to alleviate the skin problem.

Moisturize your skin to reduce psoriasis symptoms

•  Try out acupuncture

Acupuncture promotes blood flow and stimulates the nervous system. The method results in the release of neurochemical components that can enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing. With stress released and blood circulation improved, acupuncture is believed to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.

If you’re not into taking medications, there are topical products and alternative practices for improving psoriasis-prone skin that are worth considering.


  Wear appropriate clothing

The skin is vulnerable to cold weather, so it’s best to cover the body with the right clothing and shield it from dryness.

If you’re going outside, put on leather gloves, a scarf, and winter apparel that help retain body warmth. Avoid psoriasis from flaring up by keeping the skin sufficiently moisturised.


•  Maintain room temperature

The drop in temperature this winter affects skin moisture. However, keeping the heater on full blast won’t do the skin any good either because it can also dehydrate the skin.

Keeping the room temperature around 20 degrees would be sufficient to keep the skin from dryness and dehydration.


•  Sleep regularly

Sleep deprivation has been proven to increase the chance of having psoriasis. Lack of sleep increases the production of stress hormones which affect the skin’s health, leading to psoriasis.

The alternative for improving the appearance, tone, and texture of psoriasis-prone skin is to have adequate rest. Meditation will also help reduce stress and can be included in your daily routine.


•  Take Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C is just an effective all-rounder. Something as simple and as accessible as this supplement can help reduce the effects of psoriasis.

Research shows that defective stem cells are linked to the skin thickening symptom of psoriasis. These can be rectified by simply increasing Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C also happens to reduce stress which also impacts the onset of psoriasis.


•  Test traditional Chinese medicine

There’s clinical evidence to prove the efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), many people around the world still use it because it works. The elusive mixture of herbs is considered a natural alternative remedy for psoriasis.

Traditional Chinese medicine looks at psoriasis as a result of blood ‘stagnation’ or ‘dryness’ that triggers the so-called “heat pathogens”. With this, the regimen recommended is to use herbs that correct the heat imbalance and encourage proper blood flow in the body.


Medovie – The Best Remedy for Psoriasis

Medovie – The Best Remedy for Psoriasis

Medovie offers a unique solution for soothing skin irritation caused by skin problems like psoriasis. Our products combine ancient practices, traditional botanicals, and a decade of clinical trials which is a key component that other alternatives lack. Our range of lotions, shampoos, and ointments have been scientifically tested for efficiency and safety to ensure we provide the best help for restoring psoriasis-prone skin.

Medovie has lotions and derma creams designed for improving the appearance of the skin. To increase the efficiency of our products, we complement them with specially formulated capsules.

We offer the 3HX™ Body Plan which is made up of creams and capsules designed to clear up recurring redness, itching, and flaking on psoriasis-affected skin.

If the problem is on your scalp, the 3HX™ Scalp Plan is the recommended solution. The package contains shampoos and lotions, but you can add 3HX capsules to increase the potency of the products.

For a comprehensive solution, the 3HX™ Combined Plan is the best package to get as it contains the complete range of Medovie’s natural-based products for psoriasis.

All these are suitable and safe for psoriasis-prone skin since they’re made with natural substances that have no adverse effects. These products also went through a series of testing to ensure their potency and safety upon application.

The level of application will depend on the severity of your skin problem. If you’re not sure which product to use, you can set a meeting with our Medovie skincare experts to get suggestions. For questions or concerns regarding our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

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