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Medovie – The Skincare Company That Does Clinical Tests

October 13, 2020

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You found a new skincare product and you’re itching to buy it because it’s way cheaper than what other brands offer. You might think that the only difference is the brand name, and it wouldn’t hurt to give the new product a try. You might not care whether the product went through clinical testing since you’re fixated on its price.

However, you should start looking into scientifically proven skincare products if you want to make sure that they adhere to the claims and promises they make.

According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, manufacturers or importers of cosmetics are obliged to carry out a cosmetic safety assessment of the respective products and to submit the safety report. If the conditions according to (EC) No. 1223/2009 are met, cosmetic products can be brought to the market. Restricted substances, outlined in Annex III of the Regulation, must not be used.

Manufacturing and laboratory testing of cosmetic products contain, amongst others, the documentation of:

•    The qualitative and quantitative composition of the components and its intended function

•    Microbiological quality

•    Toxicologic profiles of the components

•    Data on shelf life

Just like perishable goods, cosmetics also have an expiry date. Preservatives are added to make sure the products remain effective and safe for a long time. Without preservatives, products will spoil or attract unwanted microorganisms and cause deterioration in potency.

Storage in warm, humid, or moist environments can also alter the efficiency of cosmetics. Conditions like these promote the growth of molds that can make products unusable. As seen in Fig.1, preservatives prevent contamination even after several days of exposure to the elements.

In addition to the requirements of the EU Cosmetic Regulation, Medovie tests their products in clinical tests.


Importance of Clinical Testing

Consumer safety should always be the primary concern of companies in the cosmetics industry. The responsibility to ensure the products released to the market are safe by design lies on the shoulder of cosmetic companies. Aside from strictly following set regulations by governing bodies, conducting clinical tests for skincare products that give evidence to the claims they make is highly recommended by the European Cosmetic and Perfumery Association Guidelines for the evaluation of cosmetic products or the sub-working group on cosmetic claims of the European Commission.

During the course of such tests in humans, safety aspects of the products are also further investigated.

Clinical tests in humans and other scientific investigations for skincare products provide brand credibility that you should always look for. Test results become even more important for new brands and products to prove that they live up to the claims they make.

When it comes to marketing, it should be easier for you to trust product claims that underwent cosmetic clinical tests in humans.

Here are other reasons why you should buy products from brands that do cosmetic clinical tests:

1.    Know if a substance poses health risks

Once a product has been tagged as safe under the Cosmetic Products Regulation (CPR) by qualified professionals, it can be released to the market. But the assessment doesn’t end there since constant monitoring of the product’s performance must be maintained by law. Any report of undesirable effects must be recorded for the next product re-evaluation. Not all undesirable effects can be captured and foreseen by laboratory tests. One way to detect undesirable effects of a cosmetic product in a well-defined environment and under supervision is a clinical test of the final full product in humans.

2.    Check for allergic triggers

Allergies are excessive reactions to substances that are generally harmless to the majority of users. These substances are non-toxic, have been scientifically proven safe for skincare, and can rightfully be included in cosmetic products. It’s just that each person has a different reaction to every substance, and it happens to be an undesirable one for those with allergies. There are models existing for laboratory testing of allergic reactions, nevertheless, only testing of a product on the human body can provide a more comprehensive picture for you to be safe

Compliant product labelling for the EU market (front)

In case that the product has a high chance of causing an allergic reaction, the product will carry a warning label. Consumers will also be strongly advised to take an allergy alert test before usage.

Many of the skincare products undergo a series of laboratory tests before launch. These tests usually include assessments on their stability, toxicology, and safety before they can be used by and tested on humans. Some associations set guidelines for effectiveness testing of cosmetics to ensure the tests are done in a safe, ethical, objective, and scientifically correct manner.

Clinical tests for skincare products provide science-backed details on their possible effects when used. They provide information on the complete product, the active ingredients, and relevant undesired effects of skincare products for better transparency. Giving access to testing results makes a brand and its claims more trustworthy and responsible.

Effectiveness testing of cosmetics confirms if there’s truth to the promised effects of a product. Without this, there’s nothing to prove the effectiveness of the products other than the company’s word. No company wants to be caught lying to its customers for false advertising and promising something that they can’t do and which is strictly forbidden by law.


The Risk of Using Products Without Clinical Tests

Testing of the products in humans reduces the risk for you to be exposed to health risks that can range from simple skin irritation to intense allergic reactions. You might think that you’re saving money for using unbranded skincare products because they’re often cheaper than branded ones you see on ads. However, there’s a reason that these items are inexpensive, and one of them is, possibly, because they didn’t go through exhaustive cosmetic clinical tests.

Some undesired effects of using cosmetics may be:

•    Eye infections
•    Bacterial spread on the applied surface
•    Skin irritation
•    Allergic reactions
•    Poisoning due to contamination
•    Fire hazard in case of aerosol products, e.g. hairspray

Proper use of cosmetic products helps you avoid these issues, but sometimes, the risks are out of your control because the fault lies within the products themselves. This may appear more for products that didn’t go through rigorous testing.

But how would you know if a product has undergone exhaustive and deliberate cosmetic clinical tests?


Medovie and Its Commitment to Clinical Tests

Medovie emphasizes on the importance of clinical tests of skincare products, which is why we regularly submit to external quality checks from field experts. Not only do Medovie products obviously comply with mandatory laws and regulations, but our products are deliberately taken through much more exhaustive testing to assess safety and cosmetic effects.

Cosmetic companies like Medovie work with a network of scientists including biologists, pharmacists, and dermatologists. These specialists assist in assuring that the products exceed safety standards. The scientific board handles the clinical Test for skincare products to build consumer confidence using factual results.

All Medovie products are made of natural components to prevent skin irritation or any other undesired effects on your body. The ingredients we use are sourced from controlled environments to produce only high-quality products in our manufacturing facilities in France and the UK.

Medovie offers scientifically investigated skincare products, also suitable for persistent skin conditions like flakiness, irritation, or scaling. They can be safely used by adults and children over 12 years old.

If you have no idea what skincare to use for your skin problems, you can pick from the plans we offer based on the affected area of your body. It will take around 2 to 6 weeks before your skin feels good after application.

But even though we practice strict clinical tests for skincare products, some people might still have undesired skin reactions. We understand that each skin has a different composition, so we collect and Test all the feedback we get to improve our products even further. If you experience any problem with Medovie products, feel free to contact and report it to us.


Final Thoughts

Medovie is a company that takes clinical tests for skincare products seriously despite not being required. We conduct several tests starting from the selection of raw materials up to the processing of substances into skincare items like lotions, creams, and capsules. We want to make sure our products are safe to use and will work as intended to the satisfaction of our customers.

There’s nothing more trustworthy than a product backed by scientific tests. Don’t settle for skincare products without clinical tests. Shop only from Medovie for healthy skin and scalp.

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