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Medovie – An Innovative, Science-Oriented Company

July 2, 2021

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Medovie products are slowly making waves in the skincare industry because of their innovative solution to the most common skin problems. But how is Medovie making a difference? What is it that the company does that the competitors fail to do? What makes Medovie products highly effective in managing even chronic skin conditions like psoriasis?

This article will give you an overview of how Medovie started and the unique solution we offer to people worldwide to help them deal with persistent skin problems.


The Medovie Story – How It Came To Be

Medovie is something close to the heart of its founder, Nadav Shraibom. He has been dealing with psoriasis for the longest time after realising it was more than just a simple itch. This brought him to further research on the possible solutions for the chronic skin condition.

Eventually, his pursuit led him to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Its difference in approach with Western medicine when it comes to treating illnesses allured him to dive deeper into its possibility of managing psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions. No one has dared to combine TCM with scientific research and clinical trials to create a new and innovative product among the existing medications available today.

Why TCM? TCM does not necessarily focus on the science of how skin problems are treated. Instead, it dwells on the idea that restoring balance, harmony, and energy throughout the body can resolve the health issues people are experiencing. Meditation, acupuncture, cupping, herbs, breathing, and exercise are some of the common tools and practices applied in TCM to restore the healthy flow of energy in the body.

Nadav’s research led him to the discovery of three key botanicals used in TCM to be highly effective in dealing with skin conditions. He had the idea of combining them and creating a product that restores healthy skin functions, nourishes the skin with highly needed nutrients, and cleanses the skin with antibacterial ingredients.


Combining TCM with science to yield the best resultsCombining TCM with science to yield the best results


Through his contact with Western doctors highly respected in their fields, he found a way to push through his idea and combine the two worlds of medicine into one. He was convinced that harmonising these two different approaches is the only way to create an effective solution to skin problems that the world has never had before.

Nadav eventually set up a laboratory with a team in France, giving birth to Medovie as a legitimate and registered company. This is where he tested the potency of TCM herbals by putting them under the lenses of modern science.

Over the next decade, the whole Medovie team conducted thorough research and testing on the subject. This led to the production of skin solutions and other 17 patents of skincare products capable of dealing with the most common and persistent skin problems that people experience today.


Who Do We Have On Board?

Medovie consists of a team of clinical researchers, doctors, and scientists. We make sure we have the qualifications and credibility to stand by our claims on the effectiveness and potency of our skin products.

We fully understand how our product works, so we know what it can and cannot do for our customers. What we say about Medovie products is backed by years of scientific research as we do not want to look overpromising or sounding too salesy.


Medovie team and its board of advisors


Aside from our team, we also have a board of advisors who are renowned professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Their knowledge and experience helped us give birth to the 3HX™ formula.


What Makes Medovie Products Unique?

Medovie is the pioneer when it comes to using ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine and combining its efficacy with science-backed techniques to create safe, effective, and natural products. By mixing the knowledge and wisdom gained by those who have used the herbal remedy for thousands of years with advancements in research and technology, we aim to provide a solution with lasting effects on the skin.

All Medovie products are made with 96% natural components. We only use ingredients from sources that will yield us the highest percentage of active components vital in manufacturing our skincare products.

We incorporate tiny amounts of synthetic ingredients in our products to make sure they have a longer shelf life and retain their efficiency over time. We make sure our products are tested and approved by health and regulatory authorities.


Our Groundbreaking Solution – 3HX™ Formula

What makes Medovie products unique from other skin creams in the market is the inclusion of the 3HX™ formula. It is our pride and glory as it is the product of decade-long research and countless hours of clinical testing.

Creating the 3HX™ formula is no easy feat. It took us 10 years to perfect the extraction process we are using today that ensures the efficiency, integrity, and potency of the herbal components remain intact. We are proud to say that all our products contain minimal amounts of components designed to prolong and maintain the lifespan of our creams, lotions, shampoos, and capsules.


The 3HX™ formula is present in all Medovie productsThe 3HX™ formula is present in all Medovie products


The 3HX™ formula benefits the skin by preventing the overproduction of skin cells. This phenomenon has been observed as one of the causes of persistent skin issues, including psoriasis.

Psoriasis is one of the most common and problematic chronic skin conditions that affect millions of people worldwide. It is caused by the rapid production of cells, which then results in scaling on the skin’s surface. With cells piling on top of each other and occupying space exceeding the normal capacity, the skin reacts resulting in inflammation and redness on the surface.

The market is saturated with numerous skin solutions, each one claiming to be effective in dealing with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis. However, most of them provide temporary relief only. After a few weeks, the skin condition will reappear, and the said products will not have any effect on the skin’s surface anymore.

Our products stand out because we have longer-lasting effects for increased comfort and relief. By dealing with skin problems inside and out, the calming effect of our products goes beyond the top layer of the skin. By attacking the skin problem on two fronts, both internal and external, our products provide lasting relief that exceeds expectations.


Medovie Products – Rekindling Hope For Managing Chronic Skin Problems

Medovie products are designed to help those who are suffering from chronic skin conditions. Our founder himself has endured the irritating persistence of psoriasis and other skin problems, which is why he was determined to come up with a solution that will also help people around the world dealing with the same issues as he had. His perseverance, boldness, and innovativeness bore fruit in the form of Medovie products and the 3HX™ formula.


The range of Medovie products for body and scalp careThe range of Medovie products for body and scalp care


Our products are proven safe and effective, even on gentle skin. Because we are using 96% natural components, our skin and scalp solutions do not have any adverse effect when applied continuously. Even children ages 12 and up can safely use our products without worrying about side effects.

We offer body creams and scalp solutions both designed to support healthy cell production and restore the balance of nutrients in the skin for longer-lasting relief and comfort.

If you are unsure which product to use, you can schedule a consultation with our scientific founder or a member of our team thru the contact form on the website.

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