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Introducing the New 3HX Smart Circle System for Chronic Skin Care- Natural and Effective Solution for irritated skin conditions 

June 15, 2022

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Living with dry, flaky, eczema prone skin or psoriasis can be a challenge – it doesn’t just affect us physically but can also weigh on our mental health. MEDOVIE is a fresh, natural skincare brand that has developed a breakthrough formula especially designed for those who experience chronic skin conditions.

Co-founded by renowned skincare specialist Nadav Shraibom, the brand has dedicated its efforts into extensive clinical research to develop the ground-breaking 3HX™ formula, which has proven astounding benefits to the skin by supporting a healthy cell production inside and out for long-lasting skin health. 

Nadav Shraibom is a skincare specialist who has dedicated 18 years to becoming an expert in inflammatory and chronic skin conditions. Hailing from his native home of Israel, Nadav’s journey into the world of skincare began whilst studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. Fuelled by his personal encounters with a psoriasis flare-up at university, Nadav decided to focus his efforts on developing remedies to help relieve those who also suffer from skin issues, such as psoriasis and eczema. Over the past two decades, he dedicated his time in medicine, running a private clinic, consulting psoriasis patients before finally co-founding the skincare brand, MEDOVIE.

Introducing the New 3HX Smart Circle System for Chronic Skin Care- Natural and Effective Solution for irritated skin conditions 

Nadav’s interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine peaked after travelling to China to focus on oncology and inflammatory disease treatments. There he met Dr Lee, an oncologist MD, where he discovered the inspirational combination that she used on her patients – combining Western treatment with Chinese herbs.

For several years, Nadav enhanced his experience as he worked in the oncology units of renowned hospitals in Israel providing natural relief to patients based on these herbs. This provided him with the knowledge and vision to examine solutions for acute inflammatory skin conditions.

To create the unique 3-herb combination involves a difficult process of extracting the active ingredient from the herbs, but MEDOVIE’s scientists have overcome this challenge and developed a precise, stabilised method so that every time a product is developed it will have the same high active formulation –  a ground-breaking achievement. Created in one of the leading herbal factories in the world, based in France, a unique process was developed that extracted the natural ingredients required, producing the patented 3HX™ formula. 

MEDOVIE launched in 2020 in the UK, just as the global coronavirus pandemic hit its shores, which was an especially challenging time for skin sufferers, who were experiencing flare ups due to increased anxiety and stress. This made the brand’s innovators even more determined to help those in need. MEDOVIE’s vision is to support users through their journey to improving skin issues, through innovation, technology and traditional Chinese herbalism.  

MEDOVIE’s product range includes four main products:  a 3HX™ Derma Cream, 3HX™ Scalp Care Shampoo and 3HX™ Scalp Lotion for external use, as well as the 3HX™ Capsules for internal use. The products are based on natural ingredients, leaving the skin feeling conditioned within 6 to 8 weeks.

Introducing the New 3HX Smart Circle System for Chronic Skin Care- Natural and Effective Solution for irritated skin conditions 

MEDOVIE believes in helping those with problem skin through their journey and has an exclusive consultation process to help guide people through their tailored skin treatment plans. With Nadav overseeing the process, MEDOVIE has a vested interest in sharing personalised regular advice about how the products work best with lifestyle and diet to help make your skin look its healthy best.

Naturally developed, the range helps to support challenging skin appearance for the long-term, so sufferers of these conditions can feel comfortable to experience lasting effects if the plan is adhered to. MEDOVIE is a skin care treatment which is both preventative and reactive, and can be used for a long period of time, without any side effects.

Nadav Shraibom, Scientific Founder comments: “We are so delighted to be launching MEDOVIE in the UK. After a decade of research to develop our unique formula, we believe the product range will make a welcome difference in the market, especially for those who are looking for a naturally sourced, but science backed solution for skin in need of care.

From my years researching the skincare industry, it isn’t enough to use a product topically – taking tablets combined with creams is the best way to see actual results, as we believe in helping the skin from within.” 

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