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Discover Happy Customers Who Tested Medovie Products

January 6, 2021

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We continue to gain attention as a skincare brand because of the good reviews we’re getting from customers. One of the main reasons is how our combination of derma creams, scalp lotions, and 3HX tablets is working wonders in treating common skin problems like psoriasis, flaking, and itching.

But what do consumers think? In their perspective, how is Medovie different from other skincare companies? Here’s a summary of what we’re about and a number of customer stories that prove the efficiency of our skincare products.


The Wonder That is Medovie

Medovie is a skincare company that offers creams, lotions, and capsules that work together to treat the most common skin problems people face daily. Each product we make is made from natural ingredients that have no side effects on the body. 

Medovie products

We’re a company that is committed to providing consistent product efficacy. All of our creams and shampoos undergo several testing procedures before they’re released to the market.

We provide various skincare plans for dealing with different severities and types of skin problems that customers face. Whether it’s psoriasis, bumpy skin, or itching scalp, We have skincare products that can alleviate the symptoms within weeks.


What Customers Say About Medovie Skincare Products

No matter how much we promote the effectiveness of our skincare products, the reviews and feedback from customers will weigh more because of their first-hand experience.

Here are some stories from real customers who have used Medovie products for treating their skin problems:


Fiona’s journey

Fiona discovered that she has psoriasis and started using Medovie skincare products the moment she found out about them.

She said she used the entire 3HX Combined Plan to alleviate the itchiness on her body. She used the lotion to improve her skin condition and the shampoo to reduce the flaking of her scalp.

She considers moving up the plan because she has underestimated how bad her skin problem is. She wants to add more skin and scalp lotion and include more 3HX capsules in the future after she experienced first-hand how effective the Light plan was in dealing with the skin condition.


Ian’s Journey

Ian has been suffering from eczema for a long time. But when he used the Medovie scalp care shampoo and derma cream, he was amazed at the big difference in his skin condition after a few days of using the products. The redness of the skin and the itchiness gradually disappeared as he continuously applied the Medovie skincare products.

He used the product for several weeks and now he doesn’t feel any kind of skin irritation. He’s also not that conscious anymore about the flakiness and redness of his skin.

He loved how the scalp care shampoo was very mild and doesn’t have any irritating smell. He said that it wasn’t as sticky as ordinary shampoo and he felt the cleansing action after every wash.


Samantha’s Journey

Samantha was struggling with an undiagnosed facial skin problem. It caused her emotional and physical distress for years.

She consulted a dermatologist which gave her steroid-based creams. Unfortunately, none of the medications given to her had a significant effect on her skin problem. Her doctor encouraged her to try other products until she gave up because none of them provided a long-lasting solution.

She found out about Medovie afterward and was impressed by how it worked effectively. The Medovie derma cream was easy to apply and it was gentle on the skin. She felt no soreness or stinging feeling that she experienced before with other ointments.

The creams Samantha previously applied before Medovie worked only on the first two weeks. On the other hand, the effect of Medovie creams was consistent. She used it for several weeks until the skin problem completely disappeared.


Rosie’s Journey

Rosie has been enduring the flare-ups of her scalp psoriasis and scabs for quite some time. She has tried several shampoos, topical creams, and lotions to no effect.

She gave the Medovie shampoo and derma cream a try because of the good reviews the products have been garnering. She hasn’t regretted the decision of trying the products out because it worked wonders for her skin condition.

Her mild scalp psoriasis easily went away when she used the Medovie shampoo. Her frizzy hair became moisturized and she felt a soothing effect on her scalp.

The Medovie lotion relieved Rosie of her painful and extremely itchy scabs. As soon as she applied the lotion, the itchiness stopped, and the scabs healed after only a couple of days. For her, it was the most effective skin care solution she has ever encountered.


Alison’s Journey

Alison was first diagnosed with psoriasis on her foot last March 2020. It took quite some time before her doctor gave her antibiotics and suggested to look for a dermatologist for better treatment.

Eventually, her dermatologist gave topical creams for psoriasis. However, she wasn’t happy with the results. The cream had little effect on alleviating the symptoms of her skin condition. Things got worse when she felt her skin thinning the more she applied the cream. Her dermatologist’s next suggestion was to take Vitamin A tablets which have potential side effects that might do more harm than good to her current condition.

Furious and frustrated, she stopped taking the medication the dermatologist gave her. The symptoms were slowly making it hard for her to walk – an activity she used to enjoy a lot before the skin problem appeared. She then started looking for other solutions to her skincare problems.

It took months of pain and suffering before she found out about Medovie’s pre-launch trial. She participated in the program and applied the cream several times a day. To her surprise, it took only a month for the pustules to dry up. Her skin became less inflamed and the pain she was feeling for months gradually decreased.

After a few months of continuously applying Medovie skincare products, her skin finally cleared up and she was able to walk normally again. The skin on the affected area hasn’t fully recovered yet as it tends to crack easily, but she felt it was slowly improving through the constant use of Medovie creams.

She was very thankful to have found Medovie when she needed an effective solution to her dilemma. It made her more appreciative of the product when she found out that it’s made of natural ingredients. It reassured her on the safety of using it for a long time, so long as she follows the prescribed application.


Generally, customers were happy with the overall performance of Medovie skincare solutions. The company lives up to consumer expectations – exceeding them even – when it comes to treating common skin problems.


Giving Your Our Full Attention

Medovie skincare products are highly regarded by customers for being effective solutions to common skin problems. Reviews show that our creams and shampoos did way better in relieving the symptoms of skin problems compared to over-the-counter ointments and lotions.

We understand that each person is uniquely built, thus having different skincare needs. This is the main reason why we pour our full attention and work closely with each customer, making sure we give them the appropriate Medovie products. 

If you’re not sure which product to pick, you can ask our Medovie skincare experts for recommendations. We encourage you to call us and talk about your skin condition so we can customise the right package for you.


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