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Your Long Term Solution
For Chronic Skin Conditions

Stop hurting your skin with aggressive products.
We are naturally sourced & clinically proven to work.
also suitable for skin prone to psoriasis

Start now at £39

We have been clinically tested

Unlike other natural solutions you’ve tried, Medovie’s is backed by real science.

Clinically tested to be
Safe & effective

10 years
of research

17 patents
under our name

"Before Medovie,
I couldn't Walk!״

Alison Tait
״Within eight weeks I noticed I didn't get the blisters anymore, within a few months I was definitely walking properly again...I cannot describe how good it is...and how great I now feel"

Together we can go through everything

We worked with Alison for 3 months until she got her life back.
We can work together too.

Our Customers Love Us

Talk to a skin expert before you buy

Dealing with chronic skin problems used to be a solo journey. Not anymore. Your personal skin experts will there for you
every step of the way.

Meet our revolutionary 3HX formula

3HX™ is a combination of 3 powerful botanicals used in Traditional Chinese Medicine never been combined before. When we process them in a laboratory, just the in right way, we get a formula that calms, nourishes and balances problematic skin, inside and out.

Our 3HX Products

Our natural products are all kind to the skin and safe for long-term use that
soothes and revitalize your skin even if prone to psoriasis.
3HX Scalp Lotion

Naturally Nourishes the scalp and Soothes redness, flaking and dryness.


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3HX Scalp Shampoo

Naturally Nourishes the scalp and Soothes redness, flaking and dryness.


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60 3HX Capsules

Balances immune response and stabilises skin cell production at the source


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3HX Derma Cream

Moisturise and clear up visibly
irritated patches


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People we are helping on a weekly basis

The dermatologists said I need chemotherapy for my scalp condition, after 2 month of using Medovie products my skin condition basically disappeared.
Anybody that has got a skin condition, whether that's redness, itchiness or flakiness. should be trying Medovie.
For me, it's the only thing I found that works.
I was really self-conscious of going out in shorts or a short dress as I thought people would notice my red, scaly patches. However, after 2 months, I have much more self-confidence and I don’t think anyone notices I have a skin problem anymore as I barely have any patches.
It's My Magical cream. I haven't had a flare for over a month! That's incredible.
I've been using the scalp lotion, the derma cream, and scalp care shampoo. I've been really pleased with it as I really enjoyed using it. My skin feels amazing. It's definitely improved my confidence. My scalp isn’t flaking any longer.

3HX™ formula


3HX™ formula


We make sure our formula is completely safe and stable We earn our first patent


We earn 5
more patents


17 patents and


We can sell Medovie products in the EU


People around the world battling serious skin conditions become part of our journey