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Your Long Term Solution For Chronic Skin Conditions

Black Friday special offers are now available.
50% off on all products.

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We tried everything.
Just like you.

Unlike the other solutions you’ve tried, Medovie’s nourishing botanicals
have been clinically tested on people just like you to soothe the most difficult skin
conditions at their source without stressing the body.

Safe Steroid-free creams and
lotions give natural comfort that’s kind to the skin

Effective Patented 3HX™ formula supports a healthy cell production inside and out for long-lasting skin health

(People) Tested 10 years of clinical studies
have shown real results in
real people

Clear skin today and tomorrow

Medovie skincare products work internally and externally to restore your skin’s natural balance.
Give us a little time to start working. You won’t regret it.

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Day 14

Day 28

Day 60

Our Plans

Long-term skin care solutions applicable for repeated irritable
and irritated skin as well as skin prone to flaking.

Our 3HX Products

Our natural products are all kind to the skin and safe for long-term use that
soothes and revitalize your skin even if prone to psoriasis.

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3HX Scalp Lotion

Naturally Nourishes the scalp and Soothes redness, flaking and dryness.

£40.00 £20.00

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Save £15

3HX Scalp Shampoo

Naturally Nourishes the scalp and Soothes redness, flaking and dryness.

£30.00 £15.00

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Save £30

60 3HX Capsules

Balances immune response and stabilises skin cell production at the source

£60.00 £30.00

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3HX Derma Cream

Moisturise and clear up visibly
irritated patches

£49.00 £24.00

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Skin care that’s good for
you, inside and out

Itchy, flaking or scaling skin is rarely just about what’s on the surface. If your skin is regularly irritated, your immune response is triggering your body to produce too many cells, too fast. Medovie’s groundbreaking, double-action 3HX formula works inside and out to maintain to calm provoked skin cell production and balance your immune response for long lasting skin health.

A plan for you,
delivered to your door

Skin problems are always personal. Medovie’s personalised plans give you the flexibility, convenience and reassurance that you’ve chosen the best possible solution for your particular skin situation.

Design a plan that works for you:

  • Body, scalp or both
  • Light, moderate or intense conditions
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Cancel any time
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The MyMedovie app

Your voice counts

Dealing with chronic skin problems used to be a solo journey. Not anymore. We want to hear your voice and are giving you direct access to personal, specialised support wherever and whenever you need it to make that happen.

  • Chart your emotional and physical progress with the MyMedovie app
  • Keep motivated by talking to a Medovie expert who knows you
  • Help the world. Be part of our RWE missionThe Real World Evidence community believes that sharing anonymous data helps scientists around the world find better solutions for serious problems faster. RWE is a cornerstone of our mission at Medovie. It means that every time you use one of our products, you’re helping the world get one step closer to a future with healthy skin for everyone. to get the word out on better skin health

Not sure? Neither were they.

Medovie has already changed hundreds of lives around the world. They wanted to tell their stories.

The dermatologists said I need chemotherapy for my scalp condition, after 2 month of using Medovie products my skin condition basically disappeared. Maya Martin
Anybody that has got a skin condition, whether that's redness, itchiness or flakiness. should be trying Medovie.
For me, it's the only thing I found that works.
Leslie Roberts
I was really self-conscious of going out in shorts or a short dress as I thought people would notice my red, scaly patches. However, after 2 months, I have much more self-confidence and I don’t think anyone notices I have a skin problem anymore as I barely have any patches. Katherine Sharp
It's My Magical cream. I haven't had a flare for over a month! That's incredible. Samantha-Jane Smith
I've been using the scalp lotion, the derma cream, and scalp care shampoo. I've been really pleased with it as I really enjoyed using it. My skin feels amazing. It's definitely improved my confidence. My scalp isn’t flaking any longer. Sara Cunningham
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